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Swiss Carers Launches We+Care

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New Standards in Guidance for Family Carers

Swiss Carers presents the updated version of the We+Care platform, the digital first point of contact for family carers in Switzerland. We+Care offers comprehensive resources including the latest news, practical apps, and detailed guides to support those caring for elderly, sick, or disabled individuals.

The latest update introduces groundbreaking improvements in the navigation system, now providing users with even clearer information on financial aid, legal provisions, providers, and counseling centers.

Powerful Self-Management Tools for Family Carers

We+Care offers a platform specifically designed to manage the daily challenges of caregiving. The application includes a range of innovative tools tailored to the needs of family carers:

  • Benefit Calculator: The platform enables direct calculation of claims from social insurance.
  • Emergency Plan: Carers can create user-friendly and savable PDF emergency and care plans that are accessible at any time.
  • Point of contacts: We+Care makes it easier to locate cantonal and municipal information centers for family carers near the residence of the cared-for person.
  • Coordinator: We+Care supports the coordination of a strong support network.
  • Provisions: The guide on provisions offers comprehensive information on all legal aspects of care and representation.
  • Peer Counseling: Experienced carers are available for peer-level discussions.
  • Carer Magazine: In the Carer Magazine, family carers find a wealth of information, tips, services, and activities.

These free tools are designed to ease the daily lives of family caregivers and provide them with the necessary support.

New Features

Benefit Calculator: A user-friendly tool for quickly calculating financial support to cover care costs. It provides immediate clarity on benefits from social insurances and a personalized list of potential claims. Access to relevant counseling centers and application forms is also provided.

Emergency Plan: Comprehensive planning for the event that the caregiving person suddenly becomes unavailable. All essential information is immediately accessible, relieving both the caregivers and enhancing the safety of the cared-for individuals. The plan offers a clear structuring of all necessary steps and contacts for emergencies.

Info points: In a complex system like that of Switzerland, the directory of information points helps carers keep track of important information on care, health, housing, aids, and finances. Care managers from municipalities assist in building and coordinating an effective caregiving network.

Coordinator: This tool significantly eases the organization of care and support. It enables the establishment of a care network through invitations to household helpers and caregivers, as well as the integration of care and relief services. Detailed care planning and support in coordinating various actors are also included.

Provisions: Legal legitimization is often required for everyday tasks such as picking up postal packages or conducting counseling talks. The guide on provisions offers comprehensive information on all legal aspects of care and representation.

Peer Counseling: Sometimes one needs someone to talk to, and experienced carers are ready to provide support in difficult situations and offer practical solutions.

Carer Magazine: The magazine now provides an overview of carer allowances in the cantons, opportunities to participate in surveys, helpful offers from partners, and addresses current debates on caregiving.

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About Swiss Carers
Swiss Carers is a professional organization dedicated to the rights and needs of carers in Switzerland. This non-profit association offers digital tools that are freely available to carers. These innovative self-management instruments are funded through donations, partnerships with companies, and service agreements with public institutions from the community, social, and health sectors, recognizing the indispensable contributions made by family carers. Visit for more information.